„everyone can be a change maker“ – Bill Drayton (Gründer von Ashoka) im Gespräch

Bill Drayton gründete 1981 die Non-profit-Organisation Ashoka, deren Ziel es ist, soziale UnternehmerInnen zu unterstützen.  

Am 24. März war Bill Drayton im Radiokulturhaus zu Gast und beantwortete Fragen von Johannes Kaup. Nähere Informationen zur Veranstaltung unter http://oe1.orf.at/artikel/267918   

„everyone can be a change maker“ - ein empfehlenswerter Artikel von Diana Ljubic: http://www.theintelligence.de/index.php/gesellschaft/soziales/2403-everyone-can-be-a-changemakerjeder-kann-etwas-veraendern.html 

Im Folgenden einige Zitate von Bill Drayton aus der Veranstaltung:Bill Drayton 

„everyone can be a change maker – we don’t give ourselfes permission“  

“Since 1990 the citizens sector is the only sector increasing in jobs. That’s the end of the nation states´ monopoly of sovereignty.”  

“Empathy based ethics require that you respect other people.”  

“If you are an entrepreneur at hear you love to start things.”  

“Our central insight: `Everyone can and has to be a change maker.”  

“The most critical success factor in a family, company, city, nation: How many change makers you have? Express yourself in thought, talk and action. We need everyone here.”  

“Any young child has to learn empathy which has to be learnt! That’s not genetic.”  

“We know what we have to do. The challenge is to change the children who did not succeed to acquire the skill of mastering empathy.”  

“Over half the Ashoka fellows changed national policy. ¾ changed the patterns in their field. … The purpose is to change the world. … You are a change maker and many are behind you and you are behind many.”  

Kaup: “Is there also a spiritual idea behind Ashoka or is it only rational?”  

Bill Drayton und Johannes Kaup

Bill Drayton und Johannes Kaup

Drayton: “I think its both. You cannot divide both.”  

“We are social, we really work together. That’s human. … Giving everyone the ability to express love and respect makes everyone happy.”  

Kaup: “What was the power that filled your live with meaning?”  

Drayton: “We live in this extraordinary historic moment where everyone is able to contribute to change. … The ability to give this ability to everyone is extraordinary. This is the opportunity to give everyone the ability to be powerful. … Unfortunately the income distribution is getting worth. … We have the opportunity at this critical stage to help people to understand that everybody may be a change agent. Everyone here can contribute to that. Awareness is the first step.  

Kaup zitiert Hölderlin: “Wir sind nichts. Was wir suchen ist alles.“  

Ausstrahlung der Sendung in Ö1: Sa 7.Mai um 22.05 Ö1 

Ausstrahlung der Sendung in TW1: Di. 10.Mai 12.05 und 22.45 Wiederholung   


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