(English) Management Learning Conference: Quotes from Prof. Gerald Hüther

International Conference on Management Learning

Keynote Presentation Prof. Dr. Gerald Hüther (Dec. 3rd 2010)

(quotes approved by Prof. Hüther Dec. 13, 2010)

“We are at a cultural shift at the moment. We will leave the object relationship which focusses on the exploitation of ressources like nature, people, plants, oil, children etcetera. In the future of our society we will invite each other to unfold our potential. We will become a potential enfolding society. [...] The brain needs emotional activation in order to emit neuroplastic transmitters which are fertilizers for the brain: excitement and activement. They are never released if you learn a telephone book. [...] The better something works the less you are excited. [...] A three year old can learn so much because the fertilizer is emitted 50-100 times a day.”

“Learning is a question of excitement and relation. But usually we treat each other as objects – in families, at kindergarden, at school, in companies. You can not excite an object.”

“As a leader you need to open your eyes which means: you open the brain.”

“In order to invite some one as a teacher you have to like him or she a little bit. We have to search: What is in this person I like. What is especially in those I dislike most? Thats a very nice question. [...] The second thing is to encourage students, the third to inspire them. But you need to be encouraged and inspired yourself.”

“It is not a business to be a supportive leader, it is an art.”

“All social experiences (cognitive and emotional) are important for me. All social experiences are bundled in prefrontal cortex. Management learning should aim at a certain mindset – not at a certain behaviour. Mindset will regulate the behaviour. It is the result of experiences only by invitation. You can not pressure somebody into another experience. [...] Leadership can not be taught – it can only be experienced. You can only put together the ingredients.”

“Internal competition is like the lung is fighting against the liver.”

“You can not unfold the potential of a human being in an atmosphere without transcendence and spirituality.”

“We have to change the “Betriebsklima” (atmosphere). [...] We become conscious about the Betriebsklima and how to change it.”

“People always search for relationships where it is possible to be connected and free at the same time. If you experience this, thats great!”

“Supportive leadership is a kind of love.”

“Shared attention: we are closely connected and we are free at the same time. The most forming way is to take care together.”

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